What jewelry is fashionable in 2016?

We do not know what will happen in the field of global politics, economics, nor do we know about our personal lives and the prospect of our career. Day after day, we open our closets and the look feels like an eternity, trying to think what to wear. We put our best suit or dress and head to the door.

Sometimes we insist on adding something else or take that extra time in the morning to think again about our fashion choices and discuss the look with the appropriate jewelry. That said – this article is for those who like to stay in the game of the latest and upcoming trends.

Here are the top 7 trends in jewelry for 2016:

  1. Crystals

This trend is likely to thrive in something extraordinary. Swarovski and other famous designers did an amazing job with this year’s collection and of course – crystals will always be a great choice, no matter what.

Beautiful necklace ,but pricey!

Beautiful necklace ,but pricey!

  1. Crosses

We have reached the point where religious symbols are no longer directly linked to their immediate associations. You can choose these rustic pieces without even guessing your choice. Wearing a cross necklace or any other accessory is one of the trends this year.

  1. Golden jewelry

There is something timeless about the elegance of gold juxtaposed with a structured jewel. I think we’ve seen in the stores a few years ago, but gold is about to become one of the most prominent palettes of the fashion industry. Combined with a piece structure it gives that precious possession that can work for any occasion.

  1. Chains

Imagine a chain and consider how many variations and designs are possible with an indefinite world of interleaved ovals of different sizes, shapes, and colors. That is why this trend continues and improves, doing something new and innovative in 2016.

  1. Fringe parts

This is an extension of the previous trend. Fringed parts can be seen in many different pieces, from the hair ties to bracelets and necklaces. Therefore, they can be improved and converted into different accessories, which makes this material popular in the fashion world.

  1. Rings

This never gets old. It’s like taking a fragment of a chain, forming it into a hoop and embellishing to make it part of jewelry. Rings make the whole outfit a little more stylish and there are many different designs that usually match the rest of the combination, giving these crucial details that matter a lot.

  1. Earrings around the ear

You probably have a collection of earrings in this class and you’re thinking: “I’m ahead of the game,” but do not flatter myEgPqSjj1eRGhXr64dzIJAyourself and your impeccable taste. Because the earrings you have from previous years are outdated in case you didn’t get them in 2016.

These earrings will probably be popular in the future as well and they are frequently seen on famous fashion weeks and prestigious magazines.


Just like every other year, we get new advice and things that we should consider adding to our daily outfits. Jewelry is very important and combining it with the right outfits will surely point out your own style and something to make you stand out of the crowd.

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What are the top 5 fashion trends for women in 2016?

Whether we are conscious or not, we all follow some trends and have some feeling of fashion. Even those who claim to be completely independent fashion wise, follow some rules or see new things that they like and start using them. Whether it’s about someone who blindly follows the latest trends or someone who just accepts what they especially like, every year we learn something else and find get new ideas that we might convert into our everyday style.

Experts with experience and intense planning process from previous years knew what the trending in 2016 was going to be even before it arrived. It aimed at those looking to make sense of their garments, perhaps finding cheaper pieces but make them look cool and stylish. Sometimes the way pieces are combined makes a bigger role than an actual quality and the price of specific clothing pieces because the whole image and outfit are more important.  We are all part of what large textile industries sell, we frequently wear what we find on discounts and it previously went through the seasonal collection based on the fashion trends, and these, of course, are part of a conglomerate people like Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, who is one of the crucial people when it comes to defining fashion trends.

Taking into account all of these facts and what has been popular throughout the year and will be popular until the end of it, we chose 5 trends that proved to be most available this year:

  1. Larger shirts

These shirts give away an urban and fancy look, making an outfit look relaxed but fashionable at the same time. You can wear them with shorts or simply a shirtwaist dress. They can be of any material, with long or short sleeves. This might be one of the key fashion trends this summer and we all had an opportunity to see it everywhere.


  1. Shirt tied at the waist

This fashion that certainly recalls the 90s returns with more force. Tying a garment waist to not load or simply because others do, is crucial this year. According to the designers, this is a nod to the rebellion, youth and contrast against luxury.

  1. Jackets

The jacket is the star this year. Perhaps the blouse is not the best you have, but if you know how to use a jacket with it, you will surely cause a sensation everywhere. The design and the color do not really matter but this piece makes a woman shine and seem full of life.

  1. Laces

Since 2015, lace became fashionable, but in 2016 it is even more. Do not forget those clothes that you thought you could never use it again because it might be more useful than you could have imagined.

  1. Mix of prints

We often think that the only way to use a print is combined with another smooth garment or we will totally safe with black outfits, but this year, the mix of prints and colors is fashionable. We are able to mix stripes, diamonds, flowers and similar and the important thing is to play with our attire realizing that it does not look bad at all.

We recently done an article on the trends for men, check it out here.

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What are the top 5 fashion trends for men in 2016?

After seeing prestigious fashion weeks and being able to see the path fashion world has taken this year, we are free to analyze and get our own conclusions on what is trending.

One element that has been repeated in recent editions has been the fusion of vintage styles with new designs and combinations. Bright colors, traditional models and a wide range of hair accessories, make this season one of the most versatile in men’s fashion is concerned.

We made a compilation of 5 trends that marked this year.

  1. Jackets

Bomber jackets style, very fashionable in the 50’s, back to the fore for a semi-casual / casual proposal, which will help us in the climate between warm and cool combined with our shirt, as long as their color is intense. We recommend keeping this trend to mix with the variety of new colors and materials available throughout the season.

  1. The Suit

Panties or monkeys return to the runways of the big clothing brands, in its original design cloth cowboy (Jean) or dark tones. This combination is always mixed with a cotton garment under contrasting with the color of the pants. However, you simply make a mixture of textures using the same base of dark colors.

  1. Shirts

The time of liberation has come. Brands are betting on a little more loose style that looks very cool on men and is safe to say – it is the treasure of the fashion for men this year. The intention is to provide a relaxed look by mixing different textures and sizes, often referring trends in the 50’s.

Balancing this trend as pants and accessories with darker shoes help us create that outfit look so fashionable. This combination works perfectly in darker shades and creamy tones, but the contrast is the key in terms of the color scheme, to maintain a polished look. As per usual, the color combination is a very important factor and sometimes the whole outfit can look completely different depending on the color, for better or for worse.

  1. Short pants

Brands such as Prada or Gucci brings us back shorts in a range of colors and brand new prints. The new trend for this season are the shorts, well above the knee, usually shiny texture in colors like blue, yellow or green, for a fresh day walk along the beach. For something a little more casual, you can make combinations in dark colors and mix them with shirts and sweatshirts for a more sophisticated look.

A lot shorter.

A lot shorter.

  1. White and light pants

Light colors come out of the closets this season. One of the items that we appreciate the most are the pants, Chinese or jeans in white or pastels, which combined with pieces of intense color or dark colors like navy offers a casual elegance that cannot pass this season .

This style is better with accessories like boots and brown belts. White pants can be also worn with traditional knitted sweaters or printed for a more relaxed look.

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